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Fotografiska Fashion Focus 2024

Fashion Focus

Fashion Focus

1st February until 9th of March

With the opening of the exhibition "The Lightness of Being" by one of the most iconic photographers of our time, Peter Lindbergh, Fotografiska Fashion Focus kicks off on February 2nd, during which all three exhibition floors are dedicated to fashion photographers. Stylish special events accompany the works of top professionals in the field.

Peter Lindbergh "The Lightness of Being"

One of the most influential contemporary photographers and legends of the fashion world. Lindbergh's black-and-white images launched the careers of supermodels like Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington.

Elizaveta Porodina "Un/Masked"

Currently one of the most sought-after photographers in the fashion world, Porodina attracts attention from major fashion houses competing to include her in global campaigns. Elizaveta's recognizable painterly style adorned the cover of the January issue of Italian Vogue, among others.

Toomas Volkmann "blastful past"

The largest solo exhibition of one of Estonia's most esteemed fashion photographers tells the story of the artist's nearly 30-year creative journey through more than 100 photographs, reflecting both the painful fragility of the 1990s and the arrogant gloss aesthetics of the 2010s.

Fashion Month concludes on March 10th with the final day of Toomas Volkmann's exhibition "blastful past" at Tallinn Fotografiska.

Peter Lindbergh

The opening of the legendary Peter Lindbergh's exhibition "The Lightness of Being"

2nd of February

On Friday, February 2nd, Fotografiska will host the opening party for the exhibition "The Lightness of Being" by Peter Lindbergh, one of the most iconic fashion photographers of our time. As the destination for inspiring events, we will exclusively open our doors, providing you with the opportunity to get closer to Lindbergh's art than anyone else and much earlier.

Toomas Volkmann

Photo tour with Toomas Volkmanniga: Peter Lindbergh “Lightness of Being”

10.02 14.00

Renowned Estonian photographer Toomas Volkmann presents the work of one of the most influential and timeless photographers in the world, Peter Lindbergh, at the exhibition "The Lightness of Being" on February 10th at 3:00 PM. Volkmann's storytelling adds a compelling, inspiring, and immediate dimension to the exhibition experience, providing significant added value. Lindbergh has been a source of inspiration for Volkmann, and this tour offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the artistic realms and visual narratives of both photographers simultaneously.

Kristjan Kiho

Champagne tasting: Peter Lindberghi “Lightness of Being”

17.02 14-16

Champagne tasting event will be held on February 17th inspired by the work of the world's most influential photographer, Peter Lindbergh. The tasting will take place in the exhibition hall of "The Lightness of Being" exhibition. True to Lindbergh's style, we have selected authentic and unretouched bubbles from France, where Peter Lindbergh also called home, a place he always returned to after his world travels.

Krõõt Tarkmeel

Photo session with Krõõt Tarkmeel

18.02 11-16

Inspired by Peter Lindbergh's exhibition "The Lightness of Being" and Fotografiska Fashion Focus, the studio of the top photographer Krõõt Tarkmeel will move to Fotografiska for one day, February 18th.

Fashion Focus talk

Fotografiska Talks: Fashion Photography in the World and Estonia

22.02 20.00

Two-part talk about fashion photography:

Part 1 - Flying in to Tallinn, the world-renowned portrait and fashion photographer Vincent Peters, who will discuss the role and legacy of the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh in fashion photography and beyond. Joining Vincent on stage is Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa, the host of the popular series "Fotografiska Talks".

Part 2 - We'll travel back to Estonia from the global paths and talk about the legacy created and still being created by the legendary Estonian photographer Toomas Volkmann, as well as his role in the Estonian fashion world. The conversation with Toomas Volkmann will be led by Anu Merila, the executive editor of the magazine "Eesti Naine", and Marion Laev, the head of the EKA Fashion Design Management Department.

Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters' masterclass

23.02 16.00

The world-renowned fashion and portrait photographer Vincent Peters orginases a masterclass. His exhibition "Inner Light" was showcased at Fotografiska Tallinn in 2019 and received great acclaim and enthusiasm from the audience. The warm reception in Estonia and Tallinn left an indelible impression on Vincent, which is why he is eagerly looking forward to meeting with Estonian photographers – both professionals and enthusiasts.

Vincent Peters x Peter Lindbergh

Phototour with Vincent Peters: Peter Lindbergh "Lightness of being"

24.02 14.00

World-renowned portrait and fashion photographer Vincent Peters is coming to Tallinn to conduct a special tour at the legendary Peter Lindbergh exhibition "The Lightness of Being". These two masters share a sensitive eye and the ability to highlight the personality and natural beauty of their subjects.

Kitty Florentine

Kitty Florentine musical interpretation of Un/Masked

1.03 18.00

Renowned musician Kitty Florentine drew inspiration from Elizaveta Porodina's exhibition "Un/Masked" and met with the artist during the opening week. The vibes aligned, and Kitty translated Elizaveta's magical art into musical notes. For one evening only the creations of these two powerful women will merge, giving Elizaveta Porodina's exhibition a unique musical resonance.

A blastful Finale

A Blastful Finale: Toomas Volkmann's exhibition and Fashion Focus finale

8.03 20.00

Toomas Volkmann's exhibition "blastful past" will be ignited into action during its final weekend by performance artists Florian Wahl and Johhan Rosenberg, along with artist Kris Lemsalu. "A Blastful Finale" is a performance inspired by Volkmann's vibrant contrasts, exploring various facets of the photo exhibition - every corner holds the potential for an explosion of meanings. The heart of the performance is dynamic and expressive, poetic and meaty, engaging the audience in the crevices between life and art. On stage you can see Florian and Johhan.

Toomas Volkmann 9.03

Last Chance: Toomas Volkmann's phototour at his exhibition.

9.03 14

Last Chance: special photo tour with legendary Estonian photographer Toomas Volkmann at his exhibition "blastful past." The exhibition ends on March 10th, and on the day before closing, Toomas will take interested individuals on an adventure through his photographic art. His way of storytelling is compelling, inspiring, and direct, adding a unique experience to the exhibition.

This guided tour marks the end of Fotografiska Fashion Focus.