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The masterclass of Vincent Peters

Journey to perfect fashion photo

Vincent Peters

Come and meet the world-famous and top-notch fashion and portrait photographer Vincent Peters for a masterclass. His exhibition "Inner Light" was showcased at Fotografiska in Tallinn in 2019 and received great success and enthusiasm from the audience. The warm reception from Estonia and Tallinn left an indelible impression on Vincent, which is why he is delighted to meet with Estonian photographers - both professionals and enthusiasts.

This is an exceptional masterclass where Vincent Peters shares and reveals the behind-the-scenes of his creativity in an intimate atmosphere. He is an excellent and insightful conversationalist; his thoughts and views resonate and unveil the intricacies of portrait and fashion photography in a novel way. Together, we will discuss the process preceding the press of the camera's shutter:

* Vincent Peters shares the intricacies of creating his photos and exclusively unveils his thought process for making a single photograph. The journey to creativity.

* The artist also expects active participation and encourages the exchange of experiences. As Vincent himself has said, a picture is never just taken with a camera; in that moment of shooting, seen images, read books, listened-to music, and people you have loved all come together.

* We offer a glass of wine along with delicious snacks during the conversation.

* Participants of the event can, if desired, visit the exhibitions at Fotografiska after the event concludes.

* The event is primarily aimed at photographers, but enthusiasts fascinated by Vincent Peters' work are also welcome.

* Price until 14.02 €159. From 15.02 onwards €189.

* The event will take place at the Fotografiska 6th-floor restaurant.

About the Artist:

Vincent Peters was born in 1969 in Bremen, Germany, but in his twenties, he moved to New York and started working as a photo assistant. After some time, he moved back to Europe, and in 1999, his career as a fashion photographer began. Soon he was shooting worldwide campaigns for brands like Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta. Over time, this list expanded, and Peters collaborated with major fashion houses such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Nike, and Levi’s.

Vincent Peters is renowned for his sensitive and sensual gaze. He creates dreamlike worlds through the lens and stages cinematic moments. There is no superfluous detail beyond the captured person in the frame, so the photo can highlight the beauty of the subject. His portraits are intimate, beautiful, and sensitive.

Draw inspiration and be part of an exclusive discussion. It will be an immediate, profound, and unique evening.