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Simen Johan "Until the Kingdom Comes" opening morning

A remarkable insight into the artist's creative process

Simen Johan ©

Creatively crafted animals in nature. Are they real or not? How are they created? Why are they created? Is everything as it seems?

Through marvelous images raising existential questions, photographic artist Simen Johan will unveil his exhibition "Until the Kingdom Comes" at Fotografiska on March 15th.

Bring your Friday morning school lesson directly into the exhibition hall. Fotografiska Tallinn offers students the opportunity to be part of the artist's creative process. Simen Johan will introduce the origins of his ideas, both related to the exhibition and more broadly about his creative process.

* The conversation will be conducted in English.

* Teachers and students up to 15 years old (inclusive) have free admission. Students aged 16+ pay €5.

* After the lesson, you can also visit other exhibitions at Fotografiska.

About the Artist

Simen Johan is a photographic artist, filmmaker, and sculptor primarily working in contemporary photography. He gained recognition in the early 90s, being one of the first photographers to experiment with digital manipulation alongside traditional darkroom techniques. His work spans across various genres, from portraiture to landscapes.

In Simen Johan's series "Until the Kingdom Comes" he combines paradisiacal landscapes with reality, aiming to deceive the viewer by raising questions about what is real and what is not within the image. All elements in his works are captured by himself, using only natural light. The animals depicted in his works are always life-sized in the exhibition space.

Simen Johan is not a classical nature photographer but rather a conceptual artist who uses elements of nature in his works, such as vegetation, animals, and landscapes, merging them into a cohesive composition using digital manipulation. His aim is to show the viewer that his works contain different layers, contradictions, and meanings, rather than a single, concrete image.