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Kitty Florentine musical interpretation of Un/Masked

Musical interpretation of the exhibition 'Un/Masked'

Kitty Florentine

Renowned musician Kitty Florentine drew inspiration from Elizaveta Porodina's exhibition "Un/Masked" and met with the artist during the opening week. The vibes aligned, and Kitty translated Elizaveta's magical art into musical notes. For one evening only (new time: March 1st at 6 PM), the creations of these two powerful women will merge, giving Elizaveta Porodina's exhibition, opened in December, a unique musical resonance.

An integral part of the sound journey is the specially selected perfume "Coral Pearl" in collaboration with Ambra Perfumeshop, emitting notes of mystique, fairytale allure, and luxurious experience. Guitarist Mattias Tirmaste will also contribute to creating the musical journey.

As a fan of textures and colors almost palpable on the tongue, I have been following and enjoying Elizaveta Porodina's work for years. In her dreamlike reality, looking at these photos in physical space leaves you with a feeling as if the worlds and muses presented there could step out of the picture at any moment and join you as you walk around. But at the same time, they are perfectly unattainable. They are lifelike and emotionally present, in the moment," commented art-loving musician Kitty Florentine on the exhibition.

About the artists:

Elizaveta Porodina was born in Russia but moved to Germany with her family as a teenager, where she has lived and worked for over 20 years. While art has helped her cope with various difficulties since childhood, she pursued education in clinical psychiatry. She embraced photography as a means to creatively express herself, initially capturing friends and chance situations until she caught the attention of young designers, whose collaborations paved the way for her success.

In just a few years, Porodina has become one of the most sought-after photographers in the fashion world, with major fashion houses competing for her attention to include her in global campaigns. Elizaveta Porodina's exhibition "Un/Masked" will remain open at Fotografiska until April.

Kitty Florentine, who returned to the New York Performa Biennial at the end of 2023, is a recognized artist whose sonic landscape dissolves boundaries, revealing a fairytale world. Her work allows reality to explore its versatility. In Kitty's gentle yet full voice, there's a mix of resistance, tenderness, rage, and warmth. Kitty Florentine's debut album "Maladaptive Daydream" is available on vinyl at the Fotografiska museum shop.

* Kitty Florentine's musical interpretation will take place in the exhibition hall, and the event will be recorded.

* Discounted ticket prices are available for Members. Ticket: €25 / €20

* Photo: Kaisa-Nele Hendla